Grad Show 1st Piece

By brasidae Illustrations on July 30, 2010 in Maquette Illustrations
deinonychus Maquette

RMCAD Grad Show 1st Piece

For my summer 2010 Graduation Show at Rocky Mountain College of Art+Design, I’m focusing on theropod carnivores from the cretaceous period.  For my first piece out of three, I chose to sculpt deinonychus, the misnamed dinosaur that everyone refers to as velociraptors because of the movie “Jurassic Park.”  I know, my childhood was crushed too, like when I found out about Santa Claus.  So to appease my inner child, I decided to do the typical depiction on dinosaurs – AN EPIC BATTLE OF SURVIVAL!! Or….. they could just be playing.   Just like when we were kids with our toy dinosaurs.  Don’t deny it.

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  1. Terry says:

    Wish that I could of had these dino’s in my toybox as a child. Or on my bookshelf.

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