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BRASIDAE [brah-see-day]
  *Not a real word, incase you were wondering


1.The act of immaturity; a refusal to grow up.

2.The DAE the BRA was SEEn; referring to the act of an individual being introduced to the adult world, but instead makes the choice to live in both.


The word Brasidae is a neologic term created by the sculpture illustrator Kacey Paulsen to identify with other ‘adults’ who still like dinosaurs, monsters, games, cartoons, comics, and toys.  She, as in I, primarily sculpted maquettes, statuettes, or figurines of fictional and non-fictional creatures and characters (which for now is mostly dinosaurs).   However, this does not imply that she is at all limited to just three-dimensional works.  Secondary mediums include traditional paintings, digital paintings, pen and ink, colored pencils, and graphite pencils. 

  • I'm open to commissions.  Some examples are, but not limited to, character or creature maquettes represented as a bust, a full figure sculpture, or a complex full figure sculpture (such as a scene or action pose). I’m also open to the idea of decorative sculptures such as figurines, holiday decorations, candleholders, garden statuettes, etc. 

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